Orchid Spa

Imagine surrendering your body, soul and mind to the ultimate massage experience in our tranquil "ORCHID SPA". where our professional staff, spoil you with our comprehensive treatments of both beauty and health spa treatments.

You can enjoy a traditional Indonesian massage, which combines stretching, acupressure and an evenly applied palm pressure. Using a blend of aromatic oils, our highly skilled masseuse will rhythmically propel their fingertips, knuckles, and the heels of their hands in long and short strokes over your body, including your face and scalp. Searching for knots of tension, they will work deep into your muscles to relieve stress, improve your blood circulation and balance your body. Stress will cause the muscles to tense up and the blood vessels to constrict. Massage will alleviate this, relaxing the muscles, releasing the tension, freeing the blood vessels, and stimulating circulation. Good blood circulation is essential for good health and clear thinking, allowing both the brain and body to function better.

Body Scrub

A top to toe exfoliation treatment that gently removes dead skin cells, improves blood & Lymphatic circulation, helps removes toxins and leaves your skin smooth & hydrated with a silky soft feel.

Body Wrap

The body wraps leave you deeply relaxed yet energised. They also increase the circulation, relieves aches and pains, softens the skin and re-balance the body and mind. Your treatment begins with a gentle but stimulating full body dry exfoliation before the luxuriously natural ingredients are soothingly applied to your body. Whilst you are wrapped, enjoy a relaxing head massage.


A choice of different oils for your massage, the pressure can be gentle or firm, this will leave you feeling perfectly relaxed, relieving aches and pains, stimulating blood circulation. Choice of different massages, Balinese, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue.


We do leg, under arm, bikini waxing, our Therapists are trained by Advanced Aesthetic Solutions of Australia to Australian OH standards.

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