The Watergarden Hotel is within 10minutes of the ancient Aga village of Tenganan, where life precedes the centuries old Hindu traditions … a time capsule. Less than 30 minutes away are the royal water palaces of the former Rajahs and within an hour is the mother temple of Bali … Besakih … nestled at the cloud-shrouded foot of the island’s tallest and most revered mountain, Agung. Eastern Bali covers the regency of Karangasam, one of the last realms of the kings. Candi Dasa, home to The Watergarden, is the romantic kingdom’s holiday capital, embracing the “real’ Bali.

A quick guide to the myriad of sights, sounds and sensations of this unspoiled and timeless land.


an. Ancient pre- Hindu village just 3 Km from Candidasa famous for its natural culture, basket weaving and valuable intricate woven “Ikat” cloth.


The Mother Temple. A scenic drive which takes approximately 2 hours from The Watergarden.


Once the centre of the most powerful Balinese Kingdom, Klungkung is famous for the finely detailed paintings portraying vivid scenes from heaven and hell on the walls and roof of the Court of Justice.


In addition to being one of the most naturally beautiful areas in Bali, these villages still produce Balinese woven cloth and “Kain Songket”, the rich silk cloth with gold threads.

Tirtha Gangga

Water palace built by the last Raja, cool natural springs feed bathing pools and ornamental ponds.
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