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A pre-Hindu Bali Aga village just 1Km from the Watergarden Hotel. It is famous for its culture, basket weaving and intricate woven cloth (Double Ikat)


Once the centre of the most powerful Balinese Kingdom, Klungkung is famous for the finely detailed paintings portraying vivid scenes from heaven and hell on the walls and the ceiling of the Courts of Justice. Klungkung also has a local market,  where you can buy all types of local vegetables, fruit and spices.


The Mother Temple, it is the greatest of all Balinese Sanctuaries. The Temple complex consists of 22 separate structures built between the 14th & 17th Centuries and is perched high on the slopes of Mount Agung. This is about a 1 hour drive from the Watergarden Hotel, also taking in  very beautiful scenery.


In addition to being one of the most beautiful areas in Bali these villages still produce traditional Balinese woven cloth and also "Kain Songket", which is the rich silk with gold and silver threads


The regional capital of East Bali, A cool clean town with a busy market, ATM and Rice Terraces. It also has the Royal Palace "Puri Agung" and is open to visitors.


One of 3 Water Palaces and built in a very different style, it has very beautiful architecture and is extremely tranquil. There is also Deer here for the animal lovers.


Another Water Palace built by the last Raja, the cool springs feed bathing pools and lily ponds.


A fishing and salt making village, offering great diving and snorkeling off of a pebble beach. About 1 hour from the Watergarden, go via the coast road to see the fantastic views and see Lombok.


One of the six most important temples in Bali, with great views of Mount Agung. It is high up and there are a lot of steps up to it.


A famous village for divers as the "Liberty" wreck is there, a beach entry dive with many fish. Snorkelers can also see the wreck as it is close to the shore.


The Bat Cave temple, one of the temples, that protects Bali from Evil spirits


A small village for Diving, snorkeling and Ferries to Lombok. Many great Dive spots from here including Manta Point, Blue Lagoon and Gili Mimpang


One of the last Virgin beaches left in Bali, with a beautiful white sand beach and tropical palm trees. A few local restaurants here with fresh fish.




East Bali has five of the best and safest dive sites, there are not many places in the world where you can see the Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola) and Manta Ray regularly. The USAT Liberty wreck is an excellent dive in Tulamben.


The snorkeling is amazing here that can be reached from the shore or a local "Jukung". To Blue Lagoon, Jepun, Goat Island and many more.


Day trips are available at reasonable prices either from Candidasa or Padang Bai, where you could catch a big Mahi Mahi bring it back to the hotel and our Chef will cook it for you.


See unspoiled villages, waterfalls, rice fields, vegetable fields with or with out a guide


Experience the thrills of White water rafting, over rapids and waterfalls,


Enjoy the beautiful scenery with a bike and a perfect way to burn the calories


Explore the hidden depths of crystal clear ocean by submarine, just 10 minutes from the Watergarden.


If you enjoy Indonesian Cuisine and would like to learn some local recipes, then you must experience our famous cooking class. We will take you to Klungkung market to buy some spices and vegetables. You will then bring them back and make some culinary delights which you can eat after your lesson


Experience total relaxation in Bali, invite your senses, heart and mind with a yoga class.


The culture of Bali is unique,  you ask a Balinese what heaven is like and they would reply "just like Bali". You can see the beauty in their ceremonies, dances, dramas and music. They are very artistic and creative and this can be seen in their paintings and handicrafts

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